Middle Child Jewellery - Geelong

Lauren runs her jewellery label Middle Child from my studio in Geelong. She has been running her creative business for over 18 years, despite Middle Child being only four years old. She is also a mum to two kids and is currently realigning life and biz balance after having her second child.

A few words to describe her work: elegant, unexpected and lovely as all get out. Finding inspiration in everything from floor rugs to Art Deco, Lauren has a penchant for mixing shiny brass bits with warm wood tones. These Mayflower Earrings are giving us a lovely floral moment, with their glossy enamel petals.

Laurens calls her design process insular; avoiding looking at trends or other jewellery brands. Instead working with silhouettes, shapes and lines that she is drawn to. Styles such as architecture or mid-century designs, for example, in furniture or lighting. As far as the composition of my more layered designs goes, it is often through trial and experimentation. Creating separate components to begin with and then bringing them together to create her unique and colorful pieces.

What advise would you like to give to give makers starting out in the business?

My first piece of advice is to stop overthinking it and just start. Every little bit of knowledge you gain, or experience you have (good or bad) will help propel you forward. And for something more tangible, I cannot overstate how important great quality images are. In a world hungry for visuals, make sure yours stand out!

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